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Super agency means great things on the horizon for landlords and tenants

2nd May 2017

For many, Spring often marks the start of new beginnings and we couldn’t agree more. There are great things on the horizon for landlords and tenants as we’ve just extended our services and offers by supersizing our Wolverhampton branch. 

How have we achieved this?

We’ve combined the knowledge and expertise of our employees across two branches to create a super agency, under one roof!

To explain further, we need to step back in time. Lawsons Sales and Lettings has been providing top-end services to the landlord community in the West Midlands since the 90s. Based on its successful business model and practices, owner Sally Lawson founded Concentric in 2010 and set up a national franchise that now operates across ten branches in the UK, including Wolverhampton.

For years, the two firms in this region have offered property management services to landlords and tenants, using the same senior management and client accounting teams. Naturally, over time it made sense to combine the two under the Concentric name, which already has an existing base at 40 Chapel Ash High Street in Wolverhampton.

What does this mean for our landlords and tenants?

In a nutshell, it means we are able to offer a wider range of additional services, giving landlords and tenants more convenience and support than ever before.

By leaving its existing premises, all of Lawsons employees have had the opportunity to move across to the newly formed Concentric branch, creating a larger team. Armed with greater knowledge and expertise, we are therefore able to offer more property sales and specialist investment opportunities, including buy-to-let advisory workshops and evening seminars.

It’s a win-win situation for landlords, who are now further enabled to stay on top of legislation and can take advantage of more developed service offerings.

Why is now the right time to do this?

At a time when we are having to rise to the challenge of competition from online agents moving into the market, it is important to continue to have a strong foot holding on the ground. We recognise that personal interaction is key to our landlords and tenants. Communicating face-to-face with our clients is essential in building a solid relationship based on trust. This is much harder for online agents, however beneficial to Concentric, when there is an extensive team available.

Also, by having more resources on the ground, we are able to reach out further and provide a greater service to our landlords and tenants. This is critical, more so at a time when we are experiencing an upsurge in the number of calls we are receiving from landlords and tenants, with so many questions about what to buy and where in the area.

The future for Concentric Sales and Lettings

We are confident that landlords and tenants of both firms will appreciate the enhanced services that we are able to offer and by combining the two companies, this will make us even stronger, allowing us to achieve so much more together.


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