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Are you considering adding a HMO to your property investment portfolio?

Here at Concentric Sales & Lettings, we help investor landlord clients take the leap of investing in the highly profitable house share model, known in the industry as a "HMO" (House in Multiple Occupation).

House in Multiple Occupation Sourcing and Project Management 

It takes a certain type of property in a certain location to be a HMO, and the Concentric “Professional House Share Programme” is designed to get investors into this lucrative market. 

The collective experience of the rental market and sales market, along with the assessment of the local demands and needs of the market, are all put together to create a high yielding investment for our clients, both in cash flow and capital appreciation. 

Having refurbished over 250 properties since 1997 including all types of property conversions and many HMOs, Concentric Sales & Lettings offers a fully comprehensive Project Management service where we can take over the whole project for our clients.

Your advisor will liaise with the local council regarding HMO planning requirements locally, deal with architects, building regulations officers, builders and trades.

Our professional consultants will also utilise their extensive contacts to organise carpets, curtains and furnishings on your behalf. Finally your Concentric Sales & Lettings property investment advisor will refer the property to one of our lettings professionals to take care of the letting and management of the property. 

Returns are typically in the region of 17% and can be much higher, cash flow can be anywhere from £800 per calendar month after bills, mortgage and letting fees.


Meet our highly experienced HMO property acquisition advisors

Steve Latham, Director-Acquisition specialist for Liverpool, Crosby, Merseyside and Waterloo

Steve started renovating properties in 2003, and from 2007 really started to build up his property portfolio, to what it is today an impressive 150 rental units, mainly HMO properties.

Investing in the Liverpool and Crosby area, where Steve was born and has lived all of his life, starting out as an electrician and then later full time landlord and then running a Concentric Lettings Agency Branch from 2010, there are few people more able to offer this level of advice anywhere in the UK.

Steve helps his clients to look for properties for sale in the market locally to him, suitable for conversion to HMOs, he then will negotiate on their behalf, looking to get the best deal for his client, then liaise with the planning and council officials, builders etc to get the HMO conversion completed and finally rented utilising his team of expert local HMO lettings specialists.


Tony Cullinan & Lisa Barton, Directors -Acquisition specialists for the Coventry area.

The duo were landlords first and became letting agents in Coventry second. Tony runs the buy to let workshops and property purchase service in Coventry. Tony also specialises in HMO acquisition and is the proud owner of a few HMO units himself, he says "HMO units are a great way to get both Capital Appreciation AND high levels of cash flow too, a real case of the best of both worlds."

Who is this suitable for?

This service suits a more experienced investor or one that is looking for a higher return from their investments. To invest in the HMO strategy you will need to have a higher monetary input than a normal standard Buy-To-Let investment and specialist finding, we can point you in the right direction to obtain this.

How does it work?

Our advisors will meet with you to make an initial assessment of your requirements, they will take you through a buy to let workbook, to really get down to what you are looking for. From there you will agree your investment needs and the reasons for your investment, so that they can advise on the best units on the market currently.

The advisor will search through all the properties on the market and make recommendations to you. It is your decision whether to buy or not. If you decide to go ahead, then you will continue with the property purchase in the normal way.

When nearing completion, quotes for work will be organised and any furniture packs required and your advisor will work on sorting this for you.

When the conversion is finished, arrangements will be made to get the property on the market to let for you as soon as it's ready.

What Our HMO Property Investor Clients Had To Say:

...In 2009 I was a new investor and bought a repossession with £20k equity, under the advice from Karen at Concentric Lettings. I then went on to buy 2 properties that Concentric project managed and converted for me. They also helped me furnish the properties and now let and manage them for me, a true hands off investment that I can recommend to aspiring property portfolio owners.

Martin Dodd - IFA & First Time Investor


...I first got involved with Concentric Lettings when I was facing imminent financial destruction as the global economic downturn had a severe negative effect on my investments. I went on their Landlords Advisory Course and Breakthrough Course which both assisted me to improve my situation. I liked the thought of owning a HMO but their seemed to be too much red tape and legislation involved not to mention the project managing side of things. Concentric Lettings informed me of their Professional House share Service where they help you choose a property and solicitor, they take care of the refurbishment and then manage the property for you. I am now the proud owner of a fully let HMO. 

Sam Austin - Electrician & Property Investor


Whether you're looking to learn more about HMO's or LHA's, our resource centre has something to help you out. 


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