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Why Choose Concentric Sales and Lettings to support you in your new business start up

Become a property expert

Concentric Sales and Lettings is a franchise for those wanting to be more than just a letting agent, for those that want to become “Property Experts” in their field and area, for those that want to give exceptional customer service to their clients, for those that want to be involved in working on changing the perception of letting agents nationwide.

When joining Concentric Sales & Lettings, you are doing more than buying a franchise - you are becoming part of the team. We will help you create a niche market within your area; we will help you become a specialist within that niche so that you become a person of authority within your chosen area. So how can we do this?

Unlimited training

We do not set limits on training or support. We have in-house industry educators on tap to train you, armed with the very latest compliance and legislative knowledge. The fundamental set up of the franchise is purposefully constructed so that you can really focus on YOUR clients, rather than cumbersome property management because we do this for you. This means you can focus your time on working with your clients to help them achieve more, and on your own personal development.

We provide more training than most other franchises and continuous ongoing multi level support, way beyond that of other franchises too, backed up by a market leading software to make sure you are compliant and safe in your operations at all time.

A rapidly growing marketplace

Your businesses growth will then be magnified by the natural growth of the market. When choosing an industry to set up a business, it is best to select a growing industry. Besides being recession proof in many ways, you also need to consider the unprecedented projected growth.

The time for lettings is now. It has been rapidly growing since 1987; while it was at its lowest of 7%, it is now at 17% and it has been claimed by researchers, that it is headed towards 50% by 2050. These figures are hard to beat in any other market sector around currently.

On-Going Streams of Income

By its very nature, property rents are generally paid month-on-month, thereby creating a perpetual residual income from monthly rental margins which continue to pour in. This is all about on-going long-term repeat business.

Why Concentric and not one of the other leading brands?

So why us? We are modern in our marketing approach, focusing heavily on online, social media and video marketing. We are, throughout everything we do, focused on the "end-user", our landlords. We are not encumbered by the old marketing methods “that we have always done”. We are very much in the here and now, utilising all the latest methods available to us to promote the brand and staying right in the middle of developments in the property market to best serve our landlord clients.

Our network of agents benefits also from the natural draw of clients coming to us due to the reputation of our director Sally Lawson. As a prolific public speaker and advocate for content marketing - including educational videos, magazine articles and blogs - Sally positions herself and Concentric as thought leaders, helping to attract clients to the network.

Sally says: “My team and I have been letting and managing properties for over 20 years - there is not a lot of things we have not come across. When working with new franchise owners, I can see the problems they are going to experience before they happen, and this really helps them to succeed. I love working with the new branches as well as the more established branches as the need for support is always there, but as they become more established, it is more about managing the accounts, compliance and management staff, rather than marketing the business”.

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Concentric TV is a collection of videos to help to educate and inform the landlord on all issues relating to letting and managing rental property in the UK. Click the button below to view our channel.

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